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School Supply List

Kindergarten Supply List:
~Backpack (NOT on wheels)
~Water bottle for their backpack
1st Grade Supply List:
~Backpack (NOT on wheels)
~1 box of 24 crayons
~Pack of purple Glue Sticks (no giant ones please)
~Large Erasers
~1 pack of BLACK Dry Erase pens
~1 Box of Kleenex (we will ask for more later. We don't have tons of storage.)
~Ziplock Bags (snack, sandwich, or gallon)
~Baby wipes or Clorox wipes
~1 Pair of headphones that plug into the computer to stay at school
2nd Grade Supply List:
~1 Box of 24 crayons
~1 Box of 18 Ticonderoga Pencils
~1 Pack small Glue Sticks
~1 Pack Pink Erasers
~1 Pack Baby Wipes
~1 Pack Highlighter Pens
~Sturdy Earbuds
~Clorox Wipes
~Safety Scissors
3rd Grade Supply List:
Please have the following supplies ready on the first day of school.
~1 box of 24 crayons (NO MARKERS)
~3 pkgs. of #2 pencils - Ticonderoga/Dixon Pencils (pre sharpened)
~1 inch plain binder - (No Larger than 1" OR FANCY ONES - They will be sent home)
~1 box (0-12) multiplication flash cards - to enhance and advance math mastery)
~1 pkg. Ziploc plastic bags (qt. size) - for personal math manipulatives
~2 composition books - wide rules - 100 sheets/200 pgs.
~1 pkgs. of baby wipes - (for headphones)
~1 pkg. black EXPO markers - (to use with personal whiteboards in math)
~1 big box of Kleenex
4th Grade Supply List:
~2 Single-Subject Wide Ruled Notebooks (100 page)
~1 pair small scissors
~1 inch plain binder
~#2 Pencils- Ticonderoga preferred
~Pens of different colors
~Glue Sticks (2 pack)
~Pink Erasers (2 pack)
~Pencil Pouch
~Fine Tip Expo Markers-black
~Mini Whiteboard 
~Headphones- labeled to leave at school
Donations of the following are appreciated
~Glue Sticks
~Binder paper (Wide Ruled)
~Ziplock Bags (all sizes)
~Ticonderoga Pencils
~Black Sharpies
~Expo Markers
~Clorox Wipes
**These items need to be replenished throughout the school year so we appreciate donations to the supply closet year-round!